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Free Las Vegas Area Inmate Information:

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Clark County Jail (702) 671-3689

The Clark County Detention Center (commonly referred to as CCDC) houses inmates on misdemeanor charges outside of the actual Las Vegas Incorporated city limits and for all felony charges in the Greater Las Vegas area. Folks can also be booked into this facility for bench warrants on their Las Vegas Justice Court traffic tickets. It is extremely important to handle all your outstanding tickets before you get into trouble and need to call a bail bondsman in Las Vegas for what are minor issues until left ignored!

Las Vegas City Jail (702) 229-6460

Since the beginning of July 2012, the City of Las Vegas Detention Center has housed inmates for North Las Vegas. New bookings for misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors, felonies, and traffic bench warrant arrests take place in this facility. You must call the North Las Vegas Municipal and Justice courts or substation for booking information. A bondsman at our office will likewise be willing to do this for you with no obligation. We are experts in posting bail bonds for North Las Vegas. We are here to navigate this confusion, so you do not have to!

North Las Vegas Jail

Inmates arrested in the North Las Vegas jurisdiction are usually booked into the Las Vegas City Jail now since the North Las Vegas facility's closure a few years back. Occasionally, inmates on North Las Vegas charges are housed in the Clark County Detention Center in Downtown Las Vegas (just a five minute walk from our convenient office location). Your best bet obviously is to contact your local Las Vegas bail bondsman the moment your loved one winds up incarcerated.

Henderson Jail (702) 267-5245

Any time a crime is committed within the city limits of Henderson, NV (misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor, or felony), there is an almost certain chance, the inmate will be booked into the Henderson Detention Center. This facility is located near the corner of Water Street and Basic in Downtown Henderson (near the Henderson Courthouse and across from the Henderson Convention Center). We have agents on duty that can post your bail bond right over the phone (in most cases) 24 hours a day for your convenience. You rarely would ever need to leave home or work.

Pahrump Jail (775) 751-7027

We now serve the entire county of Nye including Tonopah. Please make us your first choice to bail your loved one out with a Pahrump bail bond today!

Goldfield Jail (775) 485-6393

Do you need a bail bond for Goldfield Nevada or Esmeralda County in general? We offer free inmate info and can post bonds with this jurisdiction 24 / 7! We have a great working relationship with the Goldfield Jail and Court staff, and we'd be honored to go to work for you!