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About Us


Mission Statement

It’s Love Bail Bond’s mission to get your loved one out of jail quickly and affordably. It is our goal to do everything we can to lower your stress during the approval process and after your bond is posted. Our professional bondsmen will help guide you, and your loved one, through the entire process and will cheerfully answer any questions you may have. If money is an issue we will always make every effort to get creative and think out side the box when putting together a payment plan that fits your budget. Love Bail Bonds will always put the needs of our clients first. We Listen. We Care. We’ll Work With You. And we’ll do everything we can to get your loved one out of jail faster than anybody else in Las Vegas.

Love Bail Bonds History

Love Bail Bonds was founded on May 15, 2015 by Jim Henry. Our business was founded under the guiding principles of professionalism, friendly service, and honesty. We will always adhere to the highest ethical standards. We recognize that this is a stressful time for anybody trying to get their loved one out of jail and we will always do what we can to make this process simple, straight forward and as affordable as possible. Since our founding we have operated a 24/7 business that serves all jails in southern Nevada, including Clark County Detention (county jail), Las Vegas Detention Center (city jail) , as well as jails for North Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, Laughlin, Pahrump, Beatty, Tonopah, and Mesquite. Our licensed and bonded agents have over 30 years experience in bail bonds. For our Spanish speaking clients—Se habla Espanol.

About The Owner.

Jim Henry was born and raised in Southern California. After graduating with a degree in Finance from Arizona State University he moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where he worked for over 20 years as trader on the floor of the Pacific Stock Exchange. He moved to Las Vegas in 2011. Jim has coordinated a prison ministry program at the Clark County Detention center since 2011. He has also mentored several ex-felons that have successfully graduated from the Prevocational Leadership Academy of the prison reentry agency Hope For Prisoners. Jim has a passion for helping people that are reentering from prison and is always interested in sharing information about how Hope For Prisoners can lead them to a better life. Jim is blessed with two wonderful children and 3 beautiful grandchildren.

Love Has Your Back With:

Low Down Payment Plans
One Call Bail-By-Phone
VIP Treatment
Easy Approval Process

low down payment

Nevada law requires that we charge 15% for bail. But if you don’t have all the money, no worries, we can generally set up a payment plan that includes a low down payment  (with a qualified cosigner we can generally get a super low down payment approved–as low as $100 or less in some cases).

Vip treatment

We also offer vip treatment where we’ll hold your hand and walk you through the entire process. We will always listen to your concerns and do our best to answer all your questions.

One Call Bail-By-Phone

And like we mentioned earlier our job is to lower your stress, so in most cases we are able to offer a One-call bail-by-phone. Now this isn’t a phony bait and switch bail-by-phone that other firms offer. Not at all.  This is a one-call-don’t-worry-about-it-roll-over-and-go-back-to-sleep bail-by-phone.  All you need is a telephone and a credit or debit card and we can take care of the whole thing right over the phone in most cases.

easy approval process

And our easy approval process blows our competition out of the water–really!  If you’re looking for “easy” you need to call us right now.



“Jim was friendly; helpful, even at the late hour; he gave me insightful information; was concerned for my family member beyond just getting him out on bail.”.

Rob D.

“Jim helped me today to bail my friend out, he was amazing and very understanding! I highly recommend this bail bonds to anyone who needs help..”

Lili R.

“Just when I thought there was no hope, after 10 months of dealing with bail bondsmen just to be shot down, I was blessed to find Love Bail Bonds Las Vegas. I am out because of them. They were willing to work with us and they genuinely care. I highly recommend them—I was out almost immediately after contacting them!”

Joshua C.

“Jim has really helped me and grandpa understand how this system works. Very professional and patient with us..”

Jaymee S.

“I called Jim at 3:00 a.m. Everyone else told me I had to pay 15% up front. Of course by law Jim had to tell me the same thing. Except he offered that we put up the collateral that I almost went to the pawn shop with..”

Atarah H.

“it was 2am. and I was exhausted from being talked to like I was less than human cause my family member was in jail, Jim was kind and walked me through the process and pretty much took a huge burden off my shoulders..”

Luci D.

“I called at 1:30 AM and a bondsman named “JIM HENRY” answered on the first ring. He was exceptionally professional, patient and walked us through the entire process with a explanation for every question my wife and I had..”


“Jim is very professional and personal he makes you feel like he’s known you for years”

Sequoia Q.