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Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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Beds For Feds More Important Than Local Safety In OC

Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens’ deal to rent jail beds to the federal government for immigration detainees will generate more than $35 million a year, according to contract documents made public today.

The contract, more than a year in the works, calls for the county to receive $35 million for every year going forward from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Instead of the 1,400 beds originally discussed, the contract now calls for only 838 beds divided between Theo Lacy Jail in Orange and James A. Musick facility near Lake Forest. ICE would pay $118 per detainee daily.

The agreement calls for some renovations at Lacy and Musick, including the installation of three courtrooms at Musick, at a total cost of $6.1 million.

ICE detainees typically consist of former inmates who have served their sentences, but who did not have proof of citizenship when arrested. The inmates are transferred to ICE custody, where they await immigration proceedings and possible removal from the United States.

In other news, the Sheriff has claimed that Orange County jails are so over crowded that inmates are now only serving 50% of their jail sentences. The early release is putting inmates back on the streets before they have finished serving their time for crimes already committed.  Until just a few months ago, inmates were serving 2/3 time rather than 1/2 time. Apparently the reduction was put in place make space for federal inmates and illegal immigrants so the OC Sheriff Department could shore up their busted budget.


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